Ms. Amber Hodak was born in Japan and has been dancing most of her life. She discovered dance when she was five years old and went to see a ballet. Realizing her love and passion for the art, her mother immediately enrolled her in dance classes and she has been dancing ever since. In Japan, Amber danced at an athlete club in a military base. She moved to Maryland when she was nine, and began dancing at Misako Ballet Studio. She has been a part of many dance companies and continues to cultivate her love of dance.

Amber's favorite part of dancing is learning about the different cultures and styles of dance as well as being able to express your feelings as you dance, without talking. Amber's favorite dance move is turning - she LOVES to turn! Every year Amber dances at the multicultural fest in October and loves to share her passion with others. When she teaches, Amber feels the most important lesson to pass on to her students is to always have fun and never forget why you started dancing.

Ms. Amber is a dancer of Misako Ballet Company. Come to see Misako Ballet Company 10th anniversary performance "Perspective" on Feb. 19th at Jim Rouse Theatre!

Buy tickets at: http://misakoballetcompany2017.bpt.me/

Thank you Ms. Amber!