Faunai Brown is from Baltimore, MD. She studied dance at the Baltimore County Youth Ballet and from there she studied dance at the University of Utah. This is her first year teaching here at the ballet studio, she teaches elementary ballet, ballet 1, ballet 3 and ballet 5 classes.

Ms. Brown originally started taking dance class with her older sister, her sister quit, but Ms. Brown continued. She absolutely loves to dance she says “dancing is a good way to express myself”. Her favorite style of dance is Ballet, she loves the way it is so structured and organized.

Her favorite part of dance is the whole aspect of performing on stage, being dressed in beautiful costumes and allowing to everyone in the audience to be captivated by her movements. “I love having everyone in the audience feel a part of what I am doing on stage”

One of the most important lesson Ms. Brown loves teaching her students is confidence and strength. She wants to teach her students to be confident in everything they do and how they do it. Along, with that she loves teaching her students physical strength.

Her absolute favorite move is Centerstage, it is such a classic and her favorite activity in Howard County is going to the Columbia Mall!

Thank you Ms. Brown!