April 2019: Ms. Cecilia Ituarte


Ms.Cecilia teaches Ballet, Creative Movement, Mommy and me, and Dance, Baila at Misako Ballet Studio! She was born in Mexico City and studied dance with Martha O’Railly in Mexico City who was a Royal Academy of Dance(RAD) teacher and then continued my training with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) in Modern Dance with her teacher and mentor Katie Morea. She also got her Associate Diploma as a ballet teacher from the ISTD as well. Ms.Cecilia started dancing because she was always dancing and loved it so much!!! Her favorite part of dance is All of it, connecting with the music and my body and disconnecting from everything else. Her Favorite dance move is so hard to choose, but she loves Allegro! Her favorite hoco activity is Walking the paths around the parks and the most important thing she wants to teach her students is that Dancing is for everybody, every body and to unify your whole self, so never stop dancing!