March 2019: Ms. Bethany Bilewu

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Ms. Bethany Bilewu is a dedicated student at Towson University as well as a hip-hop teacher here at Misako Beats. Born in Nigeria, Bethany moved to Maryland at a young age and begun her dancing journey. She started dancing at just two years old because she was always active, and through dance learned about perseverance. Bethany wants her students to never limit themselves, and never say that they “can’t”. She wants them to keep challenging and pushing themselves just like she did.



Seth and Jessica are hip-hop teachers at Misako Beats. They moved around a lot in their childhood. They both lived in many states and Seth lived in multiple countries including Ghana and Canada.

Seth fell in love with dancing when he was little and watched Michael Jackson perform. He fell in love with Jackson’s technique and began to watch a lot of dance, despite never actually dancing himself. In 2003, Seth performed with his friends in an international festival and realized he was a natural- since then, Seth has been dancing and loving it.

Jessica always had a sister who was a ballerina, and Jess knew she wanted to dance but not in the style of ballet. In her Kindergarten talent show, her mother choreographed a piece for her to dance. After that Jessica and her mother kept choreographing dances to perform. Eventually, Jessica found friends who liked to dance and would learn choreography from music videos with them.

Jessica and Seth are Hip-hop lovers and love to teach children this style of dance. Thank you Jessica and Seth.