Story of Celestial Maidens – 天女の羽衣

Scene 1: The Celestial Palace

In their palace above the clouds, the Celestial Queen and Maidens greet the dawn with a celebratory dance. The Celestial Maidens notice the sunlight glittering on a river below them and beg the Queen for permission to descend to the Earth for the first time. The Queen grants their request and gives them beautiful robes. However, she warns them to wear their robes at all times, for they will need them to return to their home in the Celestial Palace.

Scene 2: At the River

The Celestial Maidens descend to Earth and happily explore the river. Two of the Maid­ens decide to take off their robes so they can play in the water. A fisherman takes the beautiful robes and shows them to a group of children from his village. Meanwhile, the Maidens are distraught when they realize that they have lost their robes.

Scene 3: At the Celestial Palace

The Celestial Queen and her attendants worry that the Maidens will not be able to return home.

Scene 4: At the Village

The Celestial Maidens find the fisherman and ask him to give them back their robes. He says he will, but only if the Maidens dance for him. After their impromptu performance, the fisherman returns the robes to the Celestial Maidens and they are once again able to travel to their palace in the sky.