Article in the Howard County Times

Story of Momotaro 

The story of Momotaro begins long, long ago, in a village where there lives an old couple who has long-wished for a child of their own. One day, the couple discovers a large peach floating in the river. They bring the peach home with them, but before they can cut it open, a young boy appears. Amazed, the couple happily decides to raise the boy as their son and they name him Momotaro, from momo (peach) and taro (eldest son in the family). 

Time passes, and Momotaro grows up. A group of Oni (ogre-like creatures from Japanese folklore) attack the village to steal food and belongings. Troubled by the violence, Momotaro decides to seek out and defeat the Oni. As he travels, Momotaro meets a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, who agree to help him on his quest. 

At the Oni Fortress, Momotaro and his animal friends attack and defeat the band of creatures. Momotaro and his new friends return home with the Oni’s plundered treasure. The Ballet ends as the villagers come together to celebrate Momotaro as their new hero.