Story of “Undersea Palace”

Scene 1: The Beach Company Dancers:

Taro, a fisherman, works cheerfully at the seaside with his fellow villagers. When a sea turtle appears, some of the children act cruelly towards it, but Taro quickly intervenes and rescues the creature. Later, the sea turtle returns and invites Taro to the Undersea Palace to reward him for his kindness.

Scene 2: Ryugujyo

The Turtle brings Taro to Ryugujyo, a wondrous palace beneath the ocean. Otohime, the Queen of the Undersea Palace, welcomes Taro and thanks him for saving the life of the Turtle. She invites him to stay at the palace and she calls for a feast in his honor. Taro enjoys the festivities, but eventually he remembers his village and yearns to return. As he leaves, Otohime presents Taro with a mysterious box, but warns him never to open it.

Scene 3: The Return

Taro arrives at his village, but it is no longer the home he remembers. He searches for a familiar face, but cannot find anyone. Eventually, he realizes that many years have passed on land while he was at the Undersea Palace. Alone and confused, he decides to open the gift from Otohime. When he opens the box, he ages into an old man.